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an admin panel help
HY all friends from jooria!
im in need in some help making something and maybe you can help me:
I NEED AN ADMIN PANEL to bound with an sql table and a form (these 2 i have)

-admin panel must contain:
- to login with email/password/captcha ( - not case sensitive; easy captcha numbers and letters) / and reset password if forgot / at 3 wrong passwords to deny that ip
- fields to show optional in front (if i want a field or 2 or 3 or all - not to show in front- to have that option)
- fields from database table one in top of the other
- when i put something in field to automaticaly replace the old data
- fields must show the content
- backup when i want , and to download file
- restore from file on my pc
- logout
Started: September 18, 2011 Latest Activity: September 18, 2011 admin panel sql backup login
1 Answer
oh god this is very big project i think there is no one can do all this work for you
you can look at a Authenticate system like this

Posted: xtremex
In: September 18, 2011

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