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PHP Coding Help with licensing system
I have written a licensing system for my script and now i saved it an file called lic.php in the root folder
I am going to encrypt that with ioncube when giving to a client side
and i will simply include
include \"lic.php\" 
to call the licensing system But the problem is when i simply include the code
include \"lic.php\" 
the user can directly remove the line to get the script worked So can some one help me in coding a script inside the lic.php which will make the script to prevent from running if the code i.e,
include \"lic.php\" 
is removed from the file Note that i will include the line
include \"lic.php\" 

in all the php files in my script
Also do you face any issues with ioncube while running??
Great Thanks!
Started: September 16, 2011 Latest Activity: September 16, 2011 php
1 Answer
try to encode all the script not only the lic.php file but also the file which contian
include "lic.php"

Posted: MacOS
In: September 16, 2011

Umm.. That will not be economic since include "lic.php" will be added in all files almost :)
September 16, 2011

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