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Modified convenient pagination function
My problem was, I had 10,000+ pages of result displayed. When I see pagination buttons, I can jump only two pages at the most.
In this case, how to reach even page No.1000 (of course, URL do have page numbers, but we are talking about putting convenient button here)
I modified function.php and added rounded 10% of total pages (about 1000 in my results) and make it button prior to last page which was 10069. It was always showing 10068 before but now it will have jumps of approx 1000 pages there. If you have total 5000 pages, it will give you jumps of 500 pages there. So user can move between large sets of data faster. A button having one page prior to last page was less useful than this.

Modified function.php can be downloaded here:
Modified function.php
(link above is not properly working so go to groupof9.in/utils/function.txt )
(uploaded with .txt extention, change to .php after download)
Started: November 23, 2014 Latest Activity: November 23, 2014 pagination modified download
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