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How To Merge 2 Tables In 1 Table
i have a mysql table titled `films2` has
`id` | `name` | `categorie` | `synopsis` | `type` | `s`
and the new table that i want to merege it has `liens`
`idlien` | `lien` | `name` 

i want the table 2 in the `films2` table if the name of the film in the table one equal the name of the film in the table 2
Started: September 18, 2011 Latest Activity: September 18, 2011 php mysql
1 Answer
first you have to make new field in the `films2` and name it `lien`, ok?
then you have to use this code:
you have to connect with your mysql first
$db = @mysql_connect(\'localhost\', \'root\', \'\');
@mysql_select_db(\'filmdest_data\', $db);
and then use this code
$liens = @mysql_query(\"select * FROM `liens` order by idlien desc\");

while($lien = mysql_fetch_array($liens)) {
    $name = str_replace(\"@\", \"\'\", $lien[\'name\']);
    $films2 = @mysql_query(\"select * FROM 
                                    `films2` where
                                         `name` LIKE \'%$name%\'\");
    $film = mysql_fetch_array($films2);
        if ($film) {
            if(mysql_query(\"update `films2` 
                            set `lien` = \'\".$lien[\'lien\'].\"\'
                                where id = \'\".$film[\'id\'].\"\'\")){
                                    echo \'the film no(\'.$film[\'id\'].\') is updated <br>\';
            echo \'there is an error with \'.$name.\' and \'.mysql_error();

Posted: MacOS
In: September 18, 2011

great !!! it's working now !! thank you very much
September 18, 2011

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