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How can i create a form html that searches the database?
-search form contain:
Nume: [___only text_______]
Etaj: [_____only number______]
Nr. Apartament: [____only number_____]
[Serach button] - search button must be named "Cauta"
all in one line
Started: September 18, 2011 Latest Activity: September 18, 2011 form html sql
1 Answer
do you mean some thin like this:
<form action=\"\" method=\"post\" target=\"_blank\">

    <label for=\"name\">Nume:</label>
    <input id=\"name\" name=\"name\" type=\"text\" />
    <label for=\"etaj\">Etaj:</label>
    <input id=\"etaj\" name=\"etaj\" type=\"text\" />
    <label for=\"apart\">Nr. Apartament:</label>
    <input id=\"apart\" name=\"apart\" type=\"text\" />        
    <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Cauta\" />  

Posted: MacOS
In: September 18, 2011

Thank YOU for support Jooria!
September 18, 2011

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